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Saxtead Green

Advertising signs are no longer permitted on Saxtead Green and will be removed. If you have put a sign up on the Green and wish to reclaim it please contact the Clerk.

At the Parish Council Meeting held on 20 September 2011 a policy was proposed to ban all advertising signs from Saxtead Green, to remove them and to write to those responsible with an official letter. The Parish Council to be excepted. This was agreed unanimously. The policy was reaffirmed at the meeting on 6 December 2011. It was agreed that Councillors would remove signs and contact the Clerk to write to owners where possible. Notices on telephone poles would also be removed if not relevant to Saxtead.


Please help to keep Saxtead Green tidy and uncluttered, preserving its appearance for villagers and tourists. Advertising signs are also a distraction to drivers and therefore a safety hazard to traffic and pedestrians.

The extent of the Saxtead Green is shown on maps in the Saxtead Green Management Plan: see Page 23 and Page 24. A more detailed map is available in the Management Recommendations Plan. Outside the managed area no advertising signs will be removed, but anyone placing signs should take care not to obstruct visibility or cause a safety hazard.