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Report from Coronation Events Lead

9 May 2023

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We had a great time, over 50 people attended, joined in with British spirit. 
Many prizes given out to games and a child dressed up as Willy Wonker! 
Nick and Ruth were very gracious as it poured, people had their picnic in the pub, came out for games and toast and cake!! 
May pole looked great with a crown on will be kept for future events. 
All stayed for toast of King, national anthem and the announcement for the Art competition!! Errol photo graphing pictures and trust he will send to us a copy for website. 
We received 12 entries so Lorette agreed to arrange calendar for Saxtead parish church. 
All children were given a celebration medal. 
The team have received a lot of praise for yesterday and greatly deserved. 
Look forward to tomorrows BIG Community Help Out. 
Evelyn Sullivan
Many thanks to Evelyn and team for all their hard work preparing for this special weekend- what wonderful memories the village has of the Coronation celebrations.