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Remembrance Service

26 November 2019

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The 2019 Sunday Remembrance Service took place at All Saints Saxtead with an attendance of fourteen people. The age range was from teenagers to those who remembered personally the events of 1939 to 1946. The eight names of those who died in the two world wars of the twentieth century were reverently spoken and the two minutes silence were observed. with the last post and the reveille being heard from the organist's Ipad.

Saxtead's churchyard is a village one, full of country atmosphere. The blend of old and new contributed to a respectful and meaningful observance of this very necessary act of remembrance, not just of those from Saxtead, but of all who have suffered in the cause of right, everywhere.

The prayers of resolve that those present would seek for a better future were spoken with sincerity and purpose.


Terry Gilder